Defending the Everglades

The Everglades in Florida are under invasion from the Burmese  pythons. These pythons are upsetting the local ecosystem, and they are killing off the local animals. To combat this Florida has made a challenge for all in the country. Kill the most pythons to get $1500, and bag the largest to get $1000. These pythons are dangerous, and many people want them gone.

The Burmese Pythons are from Southeast Asia, but exotic pet dealers have brought them to the U.S., where they have been released into the wild by careless owners and natural disasters. These pythons can grow to be over 20 feet long, and are beautifully patterned, hence why many people get pythons. An Informational article called Burmese Python: Not the Ideal Pet by Matt Piven says, “Many people have chosen these unusual reptiles as pets, most likely because of the snakes’ beautifully patterned skin….” This means many people get these pythons for their extravagant skin, but do not know how to properly take care of them, so when they can no longer handle them the owners just cast them into the wild.

Local animals are also taking a hit from this. Many small mammal and bird species are being eaten by the pythons. The local animal populations are declining as a result. Florida’s Python Hunt, a news article by Andrew Ng, says,”With no natural predators, these eating machines appear to be wiping out huge numbers opossums, raccoon, and bobcats., as well as many bird species.” This means the local animal populations are on the decline, and the Burmese Python is the reason.

The Burmese Python, along with making changes to the local animals, are changing the people. More and more people participate in the Python hunt, and the problem is growing. People are being educated on the issue, and are doing what they can to help. An informational blog post by EcoEchoes said,”We must do a better job of educating people about the effect their careless actions have on ecosystems here in Florida and around the world. “This means we need to continue to educate people of the effects we have on the ecosystems.

The Burmese Pythons are changing the ecosystem. They are wiping out local animals, and multiplying at rapid rates. There are thousands of Burmese Pythons in the Everglades. A news article – Florida’s Python Hunt – by Andrew Ng says, “A growing population of Burmese Pythons, is threatening the ecosystem of Florida’s Everglades.” This means that the Python population is growing, and they are causing issues for the ecosystem of Florida, especially the Everglades.

In conclusion, the Burmese Pythons are bad for the Everglade’s ecosystem. The pythons are changing people, animals, and ecosystems. There are efforts to stop them such as the Python hunt. All in all, the pythons need to go.


Do troubled mountaineers deserve rescue services?

       Do mountaineers in trouble deserve rescue services? No, if a mountaineer knowingly puts themselves at risk on a mountain, they should not be entitled to rescue services, unless the situation is risk free for the rescue team. Many rescue service men (and women) have died rescuing people. In some places it is dangerous to fly the helicopters required for quick rescues. Also the people who scale the mountains know the risks, and should not attempt the climb if they can not handle them.

       In places such as Mt. Everest, where the air is thin and hard for helicopters to grab hold of and get lift, it is risky to fly helicopters in and a rescue mission by foot would take many days. Many helicopter pilots have died rescuing mountaineers, and many of the people who were being brought out by helicopter have also died in those crashes. The helicopters used for the rescue missions are also very expensive, and they can only carry the pilot, the person who helps the climber, and only one other person.

       On Mt. Rainier, a mountain ranger fell off the mountain and died. That is not an isolated case either, many other rescue workers have died helping other, usually careless, mountain climbers after falling and injuring themselves or some other accident. In some cases when some sort of natural disaster happens, such as an avalanche or mudslide, then rescue workers should save them, but when someone is just being careless, and falls in to a crevasse, rescue workers should not have to risk there lives to try and rescue them.

       The mountain scalers should be aware of the risks before scaling a mountain, and if they are not, again they were being careless. Some younger, and less experienced mountain climbers feel they can take more risks and feel more secure and careless when they know if they get in a pinch, they can just be airlifted out of danger.

       Some people opposed to this idea say people deserve rescue. Well the service men and women do not deserve to die or risk there lives helping a careless mountain climber.

       In conclusion, mountaineers who knowingly put themselves at risk while scaling mountains, do not deserve rescue services.

The Legend of Sleepy Hallow Part 2

All went black, Ichabod was out cold. He awoke to a slight bump on his head. He was wet, cold, and had a very sore head. He was floating down a glossy black river. He remembered that wretched Brom Bones had thrown a pumpkin at his head, instinctively he rubbed the spot the pumpkin had hit. Ichabod grabbed hold of the rock he had hit his head on, and clambered onto land.
He was in a massive cavern, one that echoed the slightest of sounds. The small island contained a chest, and there were many peculiar books strewn around the area. He carefully walked to the chest, for who knew what traps had been set to safe guard the chest. When he reached the chest he carefully eased the chest open, and saw it’s contents.
“I’m rich!” He exclaimed. The chest contains many riches, gold, jewels, and books. Strange, Ichabod thought. He picked a book up and saw it was on the dark arts. This is great he thought to himself.
After many years of studying and using his money to fund his dark arts study Ichabod became a master sorcerer. He sought out revenge on  Brom Bones and Katrina Bones.
Donning his black robe, Ichabod rowed out of the cavern, his home. It was midnight, and the Headless Horseman was on his steed trotting towards Ichabod. Ichabod simply held out the Headless Horsemans head, he had found it in the chest at his cavern. The Headless Horseman simply stopped and stared in disbelief.
The Headless Horseman spoke first, “I’ve been searching for this for a very long time, how did you come across it?”                                                                       “It was simply in a chest in my cavern,” Ichabbod said smoothly. After this event the Headless Horseman and Ichabod had a nice chat, and they befriended each other. The Headless Horseman would help Ichabod with his plan of revenge for the months to come.
“Tonight is the night,” Ichabod said coldly.
“Oh, this should be fun,” the Headless Horseman said with the same amount of venom in his voice. “So what plan should we attempt?” he questioned.
Ichabod responded nonchalantly, “Oh, I don’t know. We could burn their children alive in front of them, or we could carry them off to a distant land and bury them alive or sell them as slaves.”
“I think I would prefer to burn them alive,” the Headless Horseman stated.
Ichabod nodded his head and agreed, “I rather think I would enjoy that more than carrying their three children off to distant lands.” He donned his black robe, and stepped aboard his creacky old raft made of wood. “Now let’s have some fun.”
The air was crisp, the moon hidden behind waves of clouds. It was a wonderful night to kidnap someone’s children.
“You set up the fire, I’ll get the kids,” and with a slight nod of his head Ichabod set off to the village of Sleepy Hallow. Ichabod reached the door of Brom Bones and Katrina Bones were he rapped loudly on the door.                                                                                                           Katrina answered the door and let out a small squeal of surprise “It can’t be you, you died a long time ago.”
“Hello Katrina,” Ichabod replied sharply.
Katrina managed to stammer “Ichabod i-is it really you?”
“Yes it is, and I’m here to get my revenge.” he said calmly.
“Ichabod?” Katrina questioned suspiciously, “What are you talking about?”
“Your husband tried to kill me, and I don’t appreciate that,” Ichabod said angrily. Ichabod stepped in and quickly shut the door, pushing Katrina out of his way he walked down the hallway knocking all the decorations on the floor. It was a well decorated home, but considering that Katrina’s family was rich this was no surprise. Katrina came up behind Ichabod and attempted to hit him, but he spun around quickly, and shouted, “I cast a spell on thee! You shall not move until I release you!”
At that moment Brom came up behind him and thrust at him with a large cleaver. Ichabod barley managed to jump free of the stroke. Ichabod sent chains to wrap Brom up, and keep him secure.
Ichabod Crane, a master sorcerer, walked down the hallway, and entered the bedroom at the end. Inside there were three children belonging to Brom Bones and Katrina Bones. The children were still sleeping as Ichabod entered, they were totally oblivious to the situation.
When Ichabod opened the creaky wooden door 3 pairs of eyes swung to meet his gaze. “Come along children,” Ichabod commanded softly, “Not much time left, hurry yourselves up.” The children were hurriedly tugging there coats on over there night shirts.
Ichabod stepped out of the house, and the children followed suit. It was a cold night, and Ichabod shivered. He led the children to the big fire that the Headless Horseman constructed.                                    “Took you long enough,” the Headless Horseman said in a jovial mood.
“Oh, I had to deal with two protective parents,” Ichabod replied in the same jolly mood. “I’ll get Brom and Katrina.”
“You got it,” said the Headless Horseman.
Ichabod went behind a tree grove and summoned a couple of spirits to bring him Brom and Katrina. A few minutes later the spirits brought Brom and Katrina. Their faces were pale, for they knew that they were dealing with much more than simple tricks, this was flat out sorcery.
Now was the time, the sun was rising causing the clouds to look blood red. Ichabod had the spirits tie the children on a wooden post in the middle of the fire wood pile. Brom and Katrina were tied to a chair with their heads pointed at the unlit fire.
“Please don’t,” Katrina weeped.
Brom simply glared at Ichabod, “I will hurt you if you touch my children.”
“Your threats do not concern me Brom,” Ichabod arrogantly.
Ichabod went and knelt, lighting the torch with sorcery, and threw it into the wood next to the kindling. The flames spread quickly, and soon reached the children.
It reached the children, and their agonized screams were saddening to the villagers, who could do nothing to help. After the fire had done its damage you could see the blackened, charred, lifeless bodies of the children. Ichabod let Brom and Katrina go, and he lived the rest of his life in his cavern, living for 348 years.

The End